Kalamazoo AirFest 2013

Who doesn’t love hot air balloons!?  I have a weird obsession with them.  Never been in one, but when I heard that Kalamazoo was having their first ever AirFest, I had to check it out.  Especially since there was going to be a giant sugar bear balloon.  SOLD.  It was a tad bit windy but the balloons went up without a hitch.  It’s really neat to watch all the effort that goes into blowing them up.  There were people tugging on the end of a giant rope while other people were yelling and doing hot air balloon things.  It’s all very sophisticated.

Finally they were released into the sunset and it was all very magical and fairytale like.  All that was missing was a full choir singing R. Kelly’s iconic “I believe I can fly” underneath a rainbow.