The trillium is blooming!





There’s something so simple and beautiful about Trillium!  Wildflowers are one of my favorite things about walking on the Kal-Haven Trail.  There’s a spot on the trail that has hundreds of Trillium along a hill and if you walk by at just the right time, the sun is just peeking over making for the perfect picture.


Unfortunately my phone decided to crap out at this perfect time so I didn’t get as many pics as I would have wanted  (Which is like 500).  I’ll be back with the D40 to take some additional pictures later this week.





Monday Inspiration!

CS Lewis Balloon

I took this picture at the Kalamazoo Air Balloon Fest.  Luckily, the conditions were absolutely perfect!  The sun was setting at just the right time and there was just a trace of clouds.  Just magical.


Happy Monday!