30 for 30: Things I’ve Learned about Beauty and Health, Part 1

So, I’m turning 30.  Like, soon.

While I don’t claim to be an expert on anything, I feel like sharing the things I’ve learned in my twenties.  I’ll be dishing out my wisdom in various subjects.  You may take something from this, maybe not.    Hopefully, maybe one little nugget will stick in your brain.

Today I will be tackling health and beauty.  Also, if you have any great tips that you’ve picked up along the way, I would love to hear them!

In no particular order….

1.  Moisturize

My mom told me to do this at a very young age.  I try to get some sort of lotion on my face every night.  I’ve recently even switched to night cream.  Otherwise, my face would crackle and blow away in the wind.  But seriously, it will keep the wrinkles at bay.

2. Wear sunglasses

Speaking of wrinkles, I have some on my forehead.  I spent a lot of my early twenties squinting into the sunlight because I never had my sunglasses on me.

3.  Don’t overdo it in the sun

Everyone has heard this and there is always a lot of talk about SPF when summer rolls around.  I’m not here to tell you to wear a hat and use an umbrella and never show your face in the sun like a vampire.  That’s not realistic.  But use discretion.  I used tanning beds very heavily for many years and I know that it aged my skin.  If skin cancer isn’t enough to scare you into being careful in the sun than looking like that old chick from ‘There’s Something about Mary” should.  Gross.

4.  Beauty regimens need to be changed for the seasons

For me, summer=mineral powder and winter=liquid foundation

5.  Acne clearing products (usually) don’t work.

I get breakouts.  The intensity of them comes and goes.  In high school it got bad to the point that I went on accutane.  (That’s a story for another time)  I’ve tried EVERYTHING.  The majority will melt your face off.  If you put something on your face and it hurts really bad it’s probably not helping you.  Proactiv or anything with a ton of benzoyl peroxide is going to do damage to your skin.

6.  Wash your face with a wash cloth.

This seems so simple but it really makes a difference.

7.  Natural soap/lotion is better.

I’m going to sound like a hippie BUT natural beauty products are better.  Just look at the list of ingredients on the back of any lotion/soap that isn’t organic.  Chemicals, chemicals, chemicals.  Our skin is absorbing all this foreign crap every time we slather it on.

8.  Dr. Bronner’s is MAGICAL.

This has become my new soap in the past year.   It’s organic and has so many uses.  I swear it cured my hormonal acne.

9.  Oil is really good for your skin!

I was really nervous to try Dr. Bronner’s thinking that it would clog my pores.  Not the case.  Oil actually pushes the bad oil out of your pores!  Just remember to buy organic oil. Coconut oil is really a cure-all. Slather it everywhere, you can eat it too if you want to.

10.  Take a multivitamin.

So about every other year a group of scientists tell us that multivitamins aren’t doing anything for us and/or they are killing a certain age group or giving people heart attacks or making people grow a third arm or some giant pile of BS.  When I take vitamins, I feel better.  That’s really all the research I need.  Maybe it’s the placebo effect, but damnit they help!

11.  Fad diets are bullshit.

Seriously.  Just eat healthy.

12.  Eat the cookie.

Seriously.  Just do it.  If you deprive yourself for two weeks you will eat 10 cookies instead of one.

The Hornsby Advocate's possum tweet

13.  There’s  a happy medium when it comes to exercising.

Last year I started running and working out 3-4 days a week.  It was a great balance and it really started becoming a habit.  Then, I was like BRING IT ON, and I tried Insanity.  I was doing it everyday and really seeing results and feeling like a bad ass.  Then, the injuries kicked in.  I could barely walk without being in some sort of ankle pain.  So, I stopped Insanity.  I had to.  Moral of the story is that MOST bodies aren’t equipped to handle extreme workouts 6 days a week.  It’s also easy to let yourself take a longer break when you’ve overworked yourself for so long.

14.  Don’t wear your ponytail in the same spot whenever you pull your hair up.

The hair in that spot will get broken repeatedly and you’ll end up with flyaways and noticeable breakage.  Also, be careful with pulling your hair up really tight, it can thin the hair at your hairline.

15.  Leave your hair the color you were born with.

I started dying my hair when I was 17 because I hated my own boring brown hair.  Then, I did highlights for a long time.  Then, I decided to just let my hair be it’s natural color.  You know what happened?  My hair condition improved and it started growing a lot faster.  You know what else happened?  I noticed that I have a lot of grey fucking hairs.

I’ll have part 2 up in a few days!