Last minute Halloween costume DIY: Rosie the Riveter


10 minute costume!



Need a last minute DIY costume for work or school? Rosie the Riveter is super easy and super cheap! Most likely you have everything you need.

For the makeup you’ll want:
Red lipstick (matte is best)
Black eyeliner for cat eyes
An extra coat of black mascara

Rosie has a curl in front of her bandana. If you have bangs you can simply curl them with an iron and let them lay against your forehead or if you have long layers in the front like me, you can curl and pin. Some backcombing and hairspray helps. The back of my hair is in a messy bun. I found the bandana at hobby lobby for a buck.

The outfit:
Chances are at this point you have a chambray or denim shirt. There’s no way you made it out of forever 21 in 2013 without one. If not, a collared shirt should work just fine. If you want to stay true to Rosie’s general attire you’ll want denim on the bottom as well.

This look is also perfect for a pinup girl or 50’s housewife with slight modification.

And remember: Rosie was the original ‘girl power’. She was basically the face of all the women that worked in the factories when the men were away at war. So be sure to sport your best “We can do it!” attitude.

P.S- Taking selfies is just painfully awkward sometimes…